History of Inselligence

We launched Inselligence to continue the innovative work of its creator, Juan Fernando DeAngulo, and bring his product vision to the world. 

More than 30 years ago he oversaw a software distribution network of hundreds of VARS throughout Latin America. His background in software development and sales was the perfect mix to tackle the task of reselling ERP software in his home country of Colombia and beyond.

But as his success grew, so did the number of reps under his purview. He quickly realized that the current pipeline management process of phone calls and spreadsheets was cumbersome, massively time consuming, and opaque.

He, like so many other sales leaders,  was spending all of his time trying to determine what his real pipeline looked like and why some leads were closing quickly while others languished for months, despite his meticulous process of selecting and training only the best local companies to join the VAR network.

He put his sharp mind to work, and assessed every possible step and roadblock for the multi-step sales process.

He decided to apply his process-driven mind and training in diverse methodologies: he likened a complex sales process to a chain made of different sized links, where the chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

It is impossible to improve the strength of that proverbial chain—or the amount of revenue coursing through the sales process—if you can’t find that weak link, and put all your resources toward strengthening the one specific link before dedicating resources elsewhere. In other words, the capacity of a sales process to produce closed opportunities is determined by the step in the process that converts the lowest number of deals. 

To proactively achieve the revenue goals of his organization, Juan pulled from his analytics background to build a series of algorithms that identified the key variables in the sales process. With his newfound visibility into rep activity and deal flow, Juan’s insights removed roadblocks and optimized revenues.

In 2006 Juan sold his VAR business and launched a sales consultancy, Zero to Quota, where he applied his methodology and algorithmic approach to the sales process to help teams understand the importance of phased variables in the sales process. On the backend, he leveraged his time-tested methodology to do initial assessments of sales teams related to their sales processes, and ultimately improve their efficiencies.

Many years later, after Juan’s untimely passing, his sons Juan and Carlos teamed up to complete the Inselligence vision. With Carlos leading the software development and Juan lending his business acumen and connections at Harvard Business School, Inselligence went from vision to reality.

Now a thriving business with multiple customers, Inselligence is poised to revolutionize the way sales leaders remove roadblocks in their sales pipelines, improving efficiencies with pinpoint accuracy to close deals faster and ignite remarkable revenue growth.