Customer success

Complex sales are large-scale deals that typically have a higher price point, which means multiple stakeholders are involved in the buying process.

Complex sales are most common in B2B sales environments but they’re also increasingly common in consumer-focused settings.

If you’re in enterprise software sales, real estate sales, pharmaceutical and biotech sales, or financial services and insurance sales, you know that these complex deals can take time. Selling is a process, and therefore the possibility of managing it successfully is a challenge for even the most focused organizations.

Our proven algorithm leverages real-time sales and performance data from within your CRM, and your custom sales process to track deals and reduce variables that can delay revenue.

The result is an accurate evaluation of all pipeline activity to help you quickly break through problem areas and keep deals moving. With data, you can track the deals that are most likely to close, and that need attention so you can close deals efficiently to drive revenue.

Inselligence helped a commercial real estate developer slash its sales cycle from multiple years to just 8 months.