About Inselligence

Sales leaders need an accurate pipeline to utilize sales resources and accurately forecast revenue.
But, accuracy is hard with a complex sales process and data that can be inaccurate.
Weekly pipeline reviews turn into crystal ball exercises with sales leaders interrogating reps to get to a “real” view of their chance of making the number. The process is inefficient, demoralizing for reps and sales leadership alike. What’s more, it is completely ineffective at achieving revenue goals.
Over 30 years ago, the creator of the Inselligence methodology, Juan Fernando DeAngulo, sought to solve the problem.
A long-time sales leader, he realized that the problem wasn’t with the sales team, or the product. In most cases, he realized, pipeline irregularities come first and foremost due to a lack of visibility and control of the sales process and therefore a lot of incorrect or out-of-date deal status data leading to inconsistent execution or constraints in the sales process.
To solve the problem, Juan created the first algorithm-based software platform, bringing together decades of experience from the sales world as well as technical training in process-driven solutions traditionally applied to finite tangible problems, such as manufacturing and materials flow.

DeAngulo’s unique combination of expertise in both the intangible art of selling as well as the tangible world of finite process-driven thinking led to building a platform that enabled his organization to deliver a repeatable sales process based on accurate sales data.

Using this approach, he developed a unique methodology of workflow optimization housed in a set of algorithms that effectively identify the key metrics for achieving revenue goals.

This proven methodology and set of algorithms are the basis of Inselligence.

Inselligence was designed to answer key questions such as:

Is the construct of my current sales process able to make the revenue target?
Is my current pipeline accurately following the process that will lead to reliable performance?
Can I trust my
How long are my opportunities taking at each step and is the efficiency of the process what I think?
How many sales reps will it take to process enough deals to make the number?

In its first implementation, Intelligence achieved its primary goals of creating a predictable revenue stream.

The company rapidly increased revenue, increased productivity and efficiency, and improved the relationship between sales leaders, sales reps and customers.

In 2020, Inselligence has been reinvented on modern SaaS technology, and with real-time integration with CRM systems.
Inselligence is built for mid-market enterprises who use CRM, and need a simple way to glean actionable insights from real-time CRM data about their sales forecast and pipeline.

Inselligence has applied process-driven expertise and decades of experience to modern enterprise sales, and provides a customizable template for establishing a sales process that works. It’s easy to implement, easy to use, and designed for companies that want to increase time spent on productive sales activities and reduce time spent pouring over spreadsheets, hunting through CRM for relevant data, or sitting through excruciating pipeline review meetings. Inselligence helps sales teams collaborate, focus on the most important and relevant opportunities, and win business efficiently through a streamlined sales process.

Companies use Inselligence to:​


Inselligence is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has partners and customers across the United States and the world.