You need predictable sales performance. We take the mystery out of achieving it.

Sales Workflow Optimization Software for Consistent Revenue Results

Gain increased visibility and control, build a forecast you can trust, and get actionable insights that bring efficiency to your sales process. Real-time CRM data and powerful sales analytics provide the foundation for an efficient sales workflow and remove barriers to consistent revenue performance.

Confidence and Control

Do you have enough pipeline? Is your forecast accurate? Are critical deals bogged down in corporate process? Are your reps focused on the right deals? Will you make the number?

Sales Operations with
CRM Alone

Intuitive Process
Dependent on 80/20 rule
Lack of visibility
Inaccurate Forecast
Reactive Measures


Sales Workflow Optimization
Proven Methodology
Key Variables Analyzed
SaaS platform integrated with CRM


Structured Process Enterprise Knowledge Real-time Visibility Dependable Forecasting Proactive Management

We apply a proven methodology and predictive analytics to your CRM data to give you visibility and actionable insights to create greater confidence and control over revenue results.

Inselligence is Built For Your CRM

Inselligence works with your existing CRM

What’s Riding on Your Number?

79% of sales teams need more information to increase efficiency

Revenue generation is the most important process in your company. You can’t afford to be bogged down with inefficient processes or a mishmash of spreadsheets, reports, CRM data and manual processes. Lack of analytics and sales process optimization quarters slows sales and frustrates customers and salespeople.

Analytics-based revenue operations make more CRM opportunities useful, removes and streamlines bottlenecks, sales illuminates processes.  

of sales professionals say using sales analytics can improve their ability to provide customers with a consistent experience across every channel

Inselligence gives us the information we need to find and focus on the most important deals, ensures that the process is efficient, and helps us remove bottlenecks to the sales performance we need.

Success Story

Success Story

Commercial Real Estate developer in Chicago

Designed for Sales Excellence

Inselligence gives sales leaders and reps transparency and better control of sales production & efficiency and helps them build more accurate sales forecasts, pipelines, and processes.






How We Do It

Clear pipeline visibility, greater forecast accuracy, sales process optimization, and pipeline analytics to drive revenue. It uncovers sales process inefficiency, optimal deal anatomy, and data-driven sales pipelines so business leaders can make better decisions and be confident in revenue projections.

Accurate Sales Forecasting

Evaluate and track all
pipeline activity
through an algorithm that leverages accurate
sales performance data.

Sales Pipeline Optimization

Inform a repeatable sales processes, which can be tracked and optimized to remove barriers and increase deal velocity.

Revenue Intelligence

Balance deal characteristics to evaluate deal progress and likelihood of successful completion within an identified timeframe.

CRM Integration

Capture every deal and contact in CRM in real-time as reps add them to CRM.

Visibility and Analytics

Gain predictive insights into team, rep and deal performance to identify which deals are most likely to close and those that are unlikely to contribute to revenue.

See how Inselligence can give you more control, greater visibility and more confidence in your sales process, forecast and pipeline.